Dr. Robert Holden | How To Be Happy

Dr Robert HoldenDo you feel that there is something missing from your life?
Are you stuck in the disease of “I’ll be happy when I get this or do that?”Advertisements and TV spend much of their time telling us that there is something missing from our lives. Is it possible to really be happy when so many of us feel incomplete?

Psychologists have studied depression for decades but it is only recently that the serious study of happiness and what makes a person happy has taken off. And this research is important for your definition of happiness influences every single decision you make in your life.

Stop chasing happiness and find out how to truly be happy right now with happiness expert Dr. Robert Holden.




Michele Rosenthal | Your Life After Trauma

Michele RosenthalIf you suffer from the effects of trauma or PTSD, whether it was caused by a single-incident like a car accident, or from chronic childhood abuse, domestic violence, illness, or war trauma, you are well aware of how disconnected you feel from the person you most deeply wish to be. Trauma interrupts—even hijacks—your identity.

To cope, you may rely on mechanisms to keep your emotions, triggers, and responses in check, but these very habits can often prevent the true restoration of safety, stability, and inner connection. How can you rediscover your sense of self so that you honor who you were before the trauma (even if that trauma began at birth), understand who you are at this very moment, and determine who you want to be going forward?

My guest today is Michele Rosenthal. In 1981 as a thirteen-year-old child Michele was given a routine antibiotic for a routine infection and suffered anything but a routine reaction. An undiscovered allergy to the medication turned her into a full-body burn victim almost overnight. By the time Michele was released from the hospital she had lost 100% of her epidermis, or the top layer of her skin. And as she says in her book: Even more importantly, she had completely lost herself.

Michele struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for over 25 years before reaching a full recovery. Today, she is 100% PTSD free and is now a professional coach who specializes in helping trauma victims rebuild their lives.




Dr. Joe Dispenza | The Placebo Effect: Healing By Thought Alone

DrJoeDispenza2It is interesting to note that throughout history “witch doctors” and shamans have healed people (and made them sick) using hexes, curses, witchcraft, voodoo, and other mysterious phenomena. These stories are often laughed about and shrugged off yet even today scientists and researchers are giving control groups sugar pills in their studies and seeing miraculous healing.

Is it possible to harness the healing power of the mind? And more importantly is it possible to teach the scientific principles of the placebo effect?

In his book You Are the Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza shares numerous documented cases of those who reversed cancer, heart disease, depression, crippling arthritis, and even the tremors of Parkinson’s disease by believing in a placebo.

Listen in to my interview with Dr. Dispenza and learn how you can heal by thought alone.




Dr. Bruce Lipton | The Science Behind Creating Happiness, Passion and Health Everyday

Bruce LiptonYou may have heard of the Honeymoon Effect, that state of bliss, passion, energy, and health resulting from a huge love in your life. Your life is so beautiful that you can’t wait to get up to start a new day and thank the Universe that you are alive. Think back on the most spectacular love affair of your life—the Big One that toppled you head over heels.

For most, it was a time of heartfelt bliss, robust health, and abundant energy. Life was so beautiful that you couldn’t wait to bound out of bed in the morning to experience more Heaven on Earth. Unfortunately for most, the Honeymoon Effect is frequently short lived. Imagine what your day to day experience would be like if you could maintain the Honeymoon Effect throughout your whole life.

So I’ve got to ask: what if the Honeymoon Effect was not a chance event or a coincidence, but a personal creation? How do we lose the Honeymoon Effect in the first place and is it possible to manifest it on purpose?

With me today is Dr. Bruce Lipton internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit and a leading voice in new biology. Bruce was on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and later performed groundbreaking stem-cell research at Stanford University.

Dr. Lipton is the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles; Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (And a Way to Get There from Here) and The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth.




Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell | Difficult Emotions: Bringing Peace To Inner Wars

AnnYour most difficult emotions do not have to rule your life.

You can become bigger than your problems by letting your body rewire the brain. Being with your emotions, rather than being your emotions, allows them to change. Your feelings – even your most challenging feelings – no longer have to be the enemy inside.

But, how can we bring peace to the inner wars that are in the way of having the life we want?

Inner Relationship Focusing, also known as Focusing, is a simple yet profound awareness process that is based on research that allows the power of your body to rewire your mind. You can learn a way to get calm and access your larger self, even in the most stressful situations. Even better – You’ll be able to process reactive emotional states so they don’t bother you in the future, which results in lasting positive change.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell has been exploring, teaching and writing about the mysteries of emotional process, including: the paradox of how we become more whole by acknowledging our parts, how the most despised places in us contain our greatest treasure, and how the body’s felt sense, held in a compassionate state of Presence, is the key to change.




Colin Tipping | Healing Relationships & Loving Your Body

colinOne thing that psychology teaches us is that we all have a large measure of self-hatred in our unconscious minds. Carl Jung referred to this as our shadow – everything about ourselves that we are ashamed of or feel guilty about that we have pushed down deep, well out of our awareness. That way we never have to look at it again, much less deal with.

But we have to deal with it because it’s going to manifest in someway or another, hatred towards our bodies or bad relationships or however it manifests in life.

Back on the Mastermind Show is Colin Tipping, creator of Radical Forgiveness. We’re going to go deep into specific topics that radical forgiveness can help heal like your relationship with your body and also to other people.




Susan Anderson | Tame Your Outer Child and Overcome Self-Sabotage

Susan AndersonWhile Inner Child work is about feelings, Outer Child work focuses on the behavior that derails you – breaks your diet or gets you attracted to all the wrong people.

Susan Anderson will show how you can overcome your most entrenched patterns and reverse primal abandonment issues that prompt your Outer Child to act out your insecurity and fear and sabotage your relationships – including your relationship with you.

✓ Overcome patterns of abandoholism
✓ Stop being attracted to the unavailable
✓ End insecurity and neediness
✓ Learn to accept being loved
✓ Build your self-esteem

Are you tired of the self sabotage, the over eating, the drinking too much, the relationships that always seem to end up mired in the same issues and challenges? Well then maybe you need to tame your outer child.

Susan Anderson is a psychotherapist who has devoted over 30 years of clinical experience and research to working with the victims of abandonment trauma, grief, and loss. Susan is the author of Taming your Outer Child: Overcoming your Self Defeating Patterns and Journey from Abandonment to Healing




Dr. Daniel Amen | The Link Between Depression and Attention Deficit Disorder

Daniel AmenADD, ADHD, depression and anxiety are very real conditions not just for adults but for children as well. Moreover the symptoms of ADD, depression, and anxiety can be identical making it hard to form an accurate diagnosis. It’s confusing, frustrating, and discouraging whether you’re dealing with one or all of these conditions yourself or your child is.

In this interview Dr. Daniel Amen, neuroscientist, best-selling author and one of the world’s foremost experts on brain imaging science will explain what is going on in the depressed and ADD brain and what can be done to heal it.

Dr. Amen is the author of 28 books, including three New York Times bestsellers: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life; Magnificent Mind At Any Age; and Change Your Brain, Change Your Body. He is also the author of Healing ADD; Making A Good Brain Great; Healing Anxiety and Depression; and Preventing Alzheimer’s.




Vanessa Van Edwards | Stop Being Boring: Become The Most Memorable Person In The Room

Vanessa Van Edwards 2Have you ever walked into a party afraid what people were thinking of you? Had someone forget they had met you before? Or stumbled your way through an awkward date? If so, this interview is for you…

Understanding people is the most important life skill a person can have. Yet, we are not taught people skills in school. Nor do our parents sit us down and teach us how to interact effectively.

But here’s the problem:
You can’t succeed in business, life or love without mastering people skills.

If you want to win the deal, get the date, negotiate the sale or influence others you have to understand the science of people.
• What makes someone charismatic?
• Why didn’t I get the date?
• Do people like me?
• How can I win the deal?

Well using the latest research on human behavior, psychology, and relationships Vanessa Van Edwards is going to answer those questions.




Dr. Dan Siegel | The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

Dan SiegelBetween the ages of 12 and 24, the brain changes in important, and oftentimes maddening, ways. It’s no wonder that many parents approach their child’s adolescence with fear and trepidation.

According to renowned neuropsychiatrist Daniel Siegel’s New York Times bestseller Brainstorm, if parents and teens can work together to form a deeper understanding of the brain science behind all the tumult, they will be able to turn conflict into connection and form a deeper understanding of one another.

In Brainstorm, Dr. Siegel illuminates how brain development impacts teenagers’ behavior and relationships. Drawing on important new research in the field of interpersonal neurobiology, he explores exciting ways in which understanding how the teenage brain functions can help parents make what is in fact an incredibly positive period of growth, change, and experimentation in their children’s lives less lonely and distressing on both sides of the generational divide.

Well I have Dr. Siegel on the show today and we’re going to discuss adolescence, the teenage brain, moodiness and eye rolling and how parents can keep their sanity during it all.




Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener | The Upside of Your Dark Side

Robert Biswas-DienerHappiness experts have long told us to tune out our negative emotions and focus instead on mindfulness, positivity, and optimism. Well the authors of the book The Up Side of Your Darkside disagree. Drawing upon extensive scientific research and a wide array of real-life examples they show that positive emotions alone are not enough. Anger makes us creative, selfishness makes us brave, and guilt is a powerful motivator. The real key to success lies in emotional agility.

Well, today on the Mastermind Show I’m talking with one of the authors of that book Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener.

Robert is widely known as the “Indiana Jones of Psychology” because his research on social psychology has taken him to such far-flung places as Greenland, India, Kenya, and Israel. He has conducted studies with the Amish, Maasai tribal people, sex workers, seal hunters living near the North Pole and a variety of other groups traditionally overlooked by psychologists.



Craig Meriwether | The Fast Track To Deep Happiness

Craig-Meriwether-Headshot-2✓ Are you tired of emotional pain?
✓ Are your relationships challenging and often painful?
✓ Are you attracting the same kinds of people and problems into your life?
✓ Do you feel that you just can’t do anything right?
✓ Do you feel lost in your life?

Most of us would like more peace and happiness in our lives but often we are being blocked by past hurts and pain. Yet you will never be in a peaceful state if you are holding onto resentment and anger about things that have happened in the past.

But what if problems were a necessary part of creating happiness?

In a deep reaching seminar Craig Meriwether will combine science and spirituality, mind and soul to show you how you can transform the hurt, pain and chaos of your life into the vision of “You” that you’ve been dreaming of.

Craig will answer the question: Are the problems and challenges in your life showing up to harm you or to help you master the skills necessary to create your perfect life?

In this interview:

• Learn how science and spiritually may actually be pointing in the same direction
• Discover how your subconscious controls every aspect your life
• Find out why there is perfection in the problems and the chaos of life
• Learn why your mind is programmed for either success or failure
• Discover why, through the pressure and the stress, you can transform into the person you’ve always visualized becoming.


Jim Britt | 3 Traits That Keep You Stuck In Failure

Jim-BrittAre You Ready For Greater Success?

Just like a computer, you were programmed to believe certain things about yourself, money, relationships, success… everything.Over time these programs became an addiction, just like a drug addiction. You want to stop but the harder you try you just keep ending up back in the same place. Sound familiar?

Could it be that a person is addicted to being overweight, unhappy, depressed, or even broke?

Discover how to break the addictive cycle… and the ONLY entry point to permanent change.



Dennis Cummins | Changing Your Life At The Speed Of Thought

Dennis-S-Media-Head-Shot-254x300If you’ve spent any amount of time here on earth then you’ve probably encountered problems and challenges in your life, maybe even traumatic events, whether it’s our health, the health of a family member, relationship problems, or financial problems.

For a lot of us we let these problems define who we are, feeling sorry for ourselves, and we get stuck being a victim.

Dennis Cummins has a story that could have taken him out but instead of using it as an excuse as to way he failed or couldn’t reach his dreams, he turned his story into a reason why he succeeded.

✓ Stop Settling For Less Than You Deserve
✓ Stop Playing It Small
✓ Stop Letting Fear Take You Out

You can have excuses or the life you really want.

There are moments in life where you have to make a decision and this decision will determine whether you live in happiness and success, or failure and misery. Dennis will show you how to create the future you want for yourself no matter what has happened in your life.

An inspiring and courageous teacher, this interview is not to be missed if you want to learn how to turn problems into prosperity through the art of sneaky success.


Marilyn Bradford | What Is Addiction And How To End It Permanently

MARILYN M. BRADFORDAddiction can take many forms. Of course there is addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, relationships, sex, gambling and food, but what about being addicted to depression, grief, anger, pleasing others, or being a victim, feeling sorry for ourselves?

Addiction is overwhelming, you can feel ashamed, guilty and hopeless. And it impacts not only you but those around you.

But there is a way out – a way to empower yourself to end any addictive or compulsive behavior forever! You simply haven’t been given the tools, techniques and information to make the changes you desire in your life.

Today I’m talking with Marilyn Bradford, founder of Right Recovery for You, about how to recover from addiction. Starting with Marilyn’s own history of addiction, we talk about the contradictions she felt about today’s gold standards for addiction recovery that led her to develop an alternative way of handling addiction and recovery.

In this interview you’ll discover the true nature of addiction, as well as practical tools and information that you or a loved one can begin using immediately to create more choice in your life and behavior. Listen to my conversation with Marilyn for a radically different way of looking at and working with any addictive or compulsive behavior.


Colin Tipping | Why You Need Radical Self-Forgiveness

colin_tipping-200x300Getting Rid Of Shame, Anger, Guilt & Expanding Into Love

Most of us would like more peace and happiness in our lives but often we are being blocked by past hurts and pain. But you cannot be in a peaceful state if you are holding resentment and anger about things that have happened in the past.

It is incredibly disempowering to make others responsible for your lack of happiness. You will also remain stuck and struggling if you continue to blame yourself.

My guest is author Colin Tipping best selling author of Radical Forgiveness and Expanding Into Love. He will explain why forgiveness equals empowerment and self-acceptance and how you can create relationships that thrive in love and happiness.

The answer lies not in pulling back, but expanding into love. Colin will share exercises and direct you to information that will help you incorporate his radical teaching into your everyday life.

✓ Stop being a victim
✓ Learn to relieve emotional pain
✓ Dis-Solve all your life problems
✓ Create more meaning in your life
✓ Discover a path to happiness and peace
✓ Gain mastery over your life

In this interview you will gain a new perspective on your current relationships, learn a method that will help you shift your energy and vibration to a more positive path, and let go of past relationships that still cause you suffering pain.


Raphael Cushnir | Setting Your Heart On Fire

Raphael CushnirHow To Deal With Emotional Burn Out

Today we’re talking about dealing with the difficult emotions that come up when life’s challenges, losses, and disappointments come up. Emotions that can shut us down mentally, spiritually and even physically, leaving us stagnant in our work and relationships, and feeling empty and alone.

So how do you let go of harmful thoughts and heal deeply rooted emotional wounds? How do you open yourself to love’s creativity and wisdom? How do you struggle less yet achieve more? Discover how to infuse everyday experiences with a breathtaking sense of joy and wonder. Learn how to create relationships — with family, friends, co-workers and romantic partners — that will become a vehicle for profound and thrilling change.

It was through the books Setting Your Heart on Fire, The One Thing Holding You Back, Surfing Your Inner Sea, and Unconditional Bliss: Finding Happiness in the Face of Hardship by the wonderful Raphael Cushnir that I fell in love with his unique, down to earth approach to learning how to be happy in spite of hardship, heartbreak, or a job we hate.

And on today’s show you’ll find out how to reopen and reawaken your heart and spirit, and learn to use your ever-present love to blaze through any obstacle you may face.


Rick Jarow | Create The Work (and Life) You Love

Rick JarowIt can feel like we have no control over the economy, our careers, or our lives. Is it possible to take charge of your work, your financial situation, your life?

If you’re at all frustrated with your career or business, maybe you’ve just graduated from college and nor not sure what to do next, maybe your tired of working in the system where you don’t feel like your contributing or living your purpose, or maybe this economy has put you in a position where you need to create a new career or start a business or reboot some how but you have no idea what to do or how to do it.

In this interview with Rick Jarow discover:

✓ What The Anti-Career Really Is
✓ Why Our Work Does Not Prove Our Worth
✓ How To Create The Work You Love
✓ How To Construct True Abundance In Your Life
✓ Why You May Be Blocking Your Authentic Purpose
✓ What Real Prosperity Is…And More Importantly How Do You Get It

Rick Jarow is the author of Creating the Work You Love, Alchemy of Abundance, and The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide. Rick received his PhD from Columbia University, is the founder of the Anti-Career process and is a pioneer in the human transformational movement.



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