Nick Arandes

What Happens When You Let Go (and Let God)

Nick-ArandesNick Arandes, author of What Happens When You Let God has taught spiritual and success principles for over twenty years. He has published four books, produced CDs and DVDs, written countless articles, and touched the lives of many people worldwide, before becoming homeless, broke, and diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. then through a series of synchronistic events, Nick found himself studying A Course in Miracles where he discovered that to live a happy, loving, abundant and peaceful life requires no pain, struggle or suffering at at all.

Nick began his quest for personal growth after hitting bottom emotionally and realized that all the dreams and achievements he had pursued over the years were no longer fulfilling. He learned the art of meditation around 1986 and deepened his spiritual journey to the point where his passion for music, and even comedy, started to dissipate. He became hungry for spiritual soul food.

“We do not need to spend our lives in pursuit of goals or tangible things which we think are going to bring us happiness. All we need to do is listen to that quiet voice within, the voice that only speaks through our heart’s desires. As a result, we will be directed to the course of action to take, resulting not only in the manifestation of every possible goal we have ever dreamed of, but also to experience a more joyous, creative and fulfilling life.”

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By Nick Arandes