Teal Swan | Ending Self Hatred

teal-swan“We all know on some level that it is important to love ourselves. But when people say that ‘all you have to do in love yourself,’ it’s kind of like telling a child in kindergarten that he or she has to solve a college physics equation. Like that bewildered child, we have no idea where to begin. We are standing in a place where we don’t love ourselves and haven’t for some time. We simply have no idea where to start and where to go from here.”

That’s the first paragraph in the introduction of Teal Swan’s book Shadow’s Before Dawn: Finding The Light of Self-Love Through Your Darkest Times.

A friend introduced me to this book and after reading it through and going through some of the excises to help you cultivate self-love I felt Teal was somebody I wanted to share with you on Tipping Point Radio. Her story is remarkable and her journey to creating self love in her own life is extraordinary.




Tobias Churton | Gnostic Mysteries of Sex

Churton_TobiasSex is a beautiful, amazing thing to share with someone you love very much. But it can also be awkward and embarrassing and religion has tainted sex with shame, sinfulness, and guilt. So to some how link sex with the worship of God somehow seems wrong and dangerous. Sacred sex is something the pagans and Satanists do and as spiritual seekers we should know better.

Or should we?

Is it possible to use sex for spiritual growth and spiritual ecstasy?

Today on the show is Tobias Churton, Britain’s leading scholar of the esoteric, spiritual history and philosophy and a world authority on the Gnostics and Rosicrucians and author of Gnostic Mysteries of Sex.




Music and Spirituality

Houman Pourmehdi | Sufis, Music and Connecting with the Divine

Houman_PourmehdiI’ve been a fan of the traditional Persian music group Lian Ensemble for many years now, I love the beauty of the music, the joy, the sorrow and the ecstasy,

So I was excited to have Houman Pourmehdi from the Lian Ensemble on the show to talk about music, rumi and spirituality. His knowledge of traditional repertoire and intimacy with Sufis make for a great conversation.

Houman was born in Tehran, Iran in 1965. He is a master percussionist, ney player and a composer. He has composed a numbers of accomplished works, and he is one of the founder members of the Liän Ensemble. His deep understanding of the Persian musical heritage and his belief in exploring new territories make him a unique musician.

Houman is both a recording artist and concert musician. He has appeared at many radio and TV interviews with live performance. He has performed widely throughout Europe, North America and North Africa.

He has won acclaim throughout the world both as a solo artist and as an accompanist for some of the world’s most prestigious and renowned artists. He currently lives in Los Angeles, and teaches Persian Percussion at the CalArts (California Institute of the Arts).



Alaya | Living In Flow and Ease

Alaya1Getting unstuck and living a life of ease and flow is something we all probably want more of in our lives.

Today I have back on the show Alaya, we talked a bit ago and discussed connecting with your spirit guides. I so loved talking with her that I wanted to have her back on a regular basis.

In this interview with Alaya we’re talking about getting rid of that glass ceiling in your life.




Marianne Williamson | Getting Unstuck

Marianne WilliamsonLiving A Life Of Love, Enthusiasm & Gratitude
While Creating The Courage To Handle Whatever Comes Your Way

With getting to a certain age, with kids in school, jobs (you know “just above broke”), working at a place that maybe doesn’t thrill you but you need the health insurance, there can be a sense of being stuck, hitting the glass ceiling of life, here I am but there I want to be and there seems to be know plausible way of getting there. There seems to be little momentum, little movement, except maybe backward.

There is that famous quote by Albert Einstein where he said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Well it’s hard to look at life as a miracle when frustrated, disappointed and anger are blocking love, appreciation, and gratitude.

How do you get unstuck? Or maybe another way of asking that is, why do some of us seem to plateau at mediocre and how do you move to great?




Dan Millman | Meaning, Connection, and Spirituality in the 21st Century

dan-millmanMany of us are looking for a deeper sense of meaning, connection, and harmony with the world.

And it can be a confusing experience here on earth. We seemed to be physical beings having a spiritual experience but we’re really spiritual beings having a physical experience, I think, or is it really the other way around?

In this human physical spiritual experience we need balance, presence, compassion, faith, love, integrity, surrender and action that’s a lot to take care of while also maintaining relationships, careers, finances and our health. Technology doesn’t seem to have made things easier only busier.

So how do we, can we grow spiritually in the 21st century?

My guest today is Dan Millman author of the amazing Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Dan is a former world champion athlete, director of gymnastics at Stanford University, martial arts instructor, and college professor.

After an intensive, twenty-year spiritual quest, Dan’s teaching found its form as the Peaceful Warrior’s Way, expressed fully in his books and lectures. Dan teaches worldwide and has influenced people from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment and the arts.




Music and Spirituality

John McLaughlin | A Spiritual Quest in Music

John McLaughlinToday I’m going to share with you another interview for the Music and Spirituality series and I’m talking with jazz guitar great John McLaughlin.

John was introduced to the jazz world by playing with Miles Davis on In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew, he then went on to form two very influential fusion bands in the 70s, electric-fusion-jazz band Mahavishnu Orchestra and world-fusion acoustic band Shakit, and I’m just mentioning a hand full of John enormous discography.

John has recorded over 80 albums in his career and though they cover many different styles of jazz they are all infused and grounded by a spirituality that John has been cultivating since his early 20’s.

This is a rare interview for John to discuss his spiritual side rather than the usual interview that finds him talking jazz and the guitar, and I tell you it’s a great one.




Anne Deidre | Spiritual Awakening, Intuition and Clearing Blocked Energy

Anne DeidreLately for some reason a lot of synchronicities have been appearing in my life about intuition and the energy systems of the body, more widely known as the chakras, and a lot of this information has been coming to me due the issues both physically and emotionally that have been appearing in my life.

So with all these interesting synchronicities happening, I guess I should say I was NOT surprised that Anne Deidre’s name showed up in my email from someone else I was trying to arrange an interview with and we easily scheduled this time to talk together.

Anne Deidre is known as the intuitive life make over coach and is a sought-after and highly respected Intuitive Vibrational Catalyst and Coach, bestselling author, empowering speaker and Intuitive Artist who works with Divine Energy and Frequency.




Bernie Glassman | Homelessness, Auschwitz, and Zen

Bernie-Glassman-2015-cira-crowell-cropIn A World Of Suffering How Do You Create A Life That Matters?

I first learned of Bernie Glassman from a book he co-wrote with Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges called “The Dude and The Zen Master.” It uses quotes from Jeff’s movie The Big Lebowski to start conversations about life and the world we live in. It’s a wonderful book and very insightful.

I loved what Bernie had to say in the book and as I dug deeper into his work I found a man who isn’t just content to sit in meditation and pontificate in workshops on the nature of spiritual things.




Dr. Santi Meunier | Practical Spirituality For Creating Your Perfect Life

Santi MeunierAll of us are here living at this moment in time for a reason. For some of us the purpose of our lives is apparent. We know who we are, and what we want to do and we do it. The majority of us, however, feel lost to one degree or another.

We look at those other people with envy and awe. How is it that they are so clear and focused? What can we do to find our way when the only path we see is riddled with fear and confusion? The Universe is not cheap so how do you become abundant in an abundant universe?

It requires Trust, Discernment, Intention, Love, Honesty, Commitment and Discipline what Dr. Santi Meunier calls Practical Spirituality.

Dr. Menuier is a highly regarded psychotherapist and recognized expert in the field of addiction, she has helped thousands of individuals and families recover and stabilize from the ravaging affects of substance abuse and addiction. She has also pioneered and led hundreds of groups in her three-level outpatient recovery program for adult children of alcoholics. As an educator, Dr. Meunier has worked extensively with troubled adolescents, developing abuse and addiction recovery programs for several residential schools.

In her book, Dying for a Drink: The Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholism she presents the latest medical discoveries and treatments for alcoholism including a step by step guide of her own Holographic Treatment Plan, developed over the last 20+ years.




Music and Spirituality

Christine Stevens | Tragedy, Spirituality and Drumming

I’ve always been fascinated by music’s ability to energize you, open up your heart and awaken you spiritually. Even in the face of extraordinary tragedy music is able to comfort, help deal with the grief and heal emotionally and spiritually. Not only individually but in entire communities and across boarders as well. So why is that?

Today I’m talking with Christine Stevens. Christine calls herself an over-educated drummer! She’s not kidding.

She holds masters degrees in social work and music therapy. She is a wellness and music therapy consultant to REMO the world’s largest drum company. She is the founder of UPBEAT drum circles, offering team building, training, and retreats in southern California. She is the author of the Healing Drum Kit, and the new book, Music Medicine. Her work was featured in the movie, Discover the Gift!

But why I wanted to talk with Christine today is because of her work with people who have experienced great tragedy. She has brought drumming programs to students at Columbine High School, Katrina survivors, and Ground Zero. She led the first drum circle program for peacemaking and conflict resolution in northern Iraq.



Scarlett Lewis | When Tragedy Strikes Creating Light In A World Of Darkness

lewis_scarlett_fullOn the morning of December 14th, 2012, Jesse McCord Lewis walked out of his house and down the driveway towards his father who was waiting to drive him to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Along the way, Jesse stopped to write a message with his finger in the frost on his mother’s car: “I love you.” Just hours later, Jesse was gone.

Days prior to the tragedy, Jesse wrote three words on his chalkboard at home: “Nurturing. Healing. Love.” We understand these final words as a calling from Jesse that says, ‘I have something for you to do for us. That’s to consciously change an angry thought into a loving one’ because it is a choice.”

This is Scarlett’s story of love and survival. It’s about how to face the impossible, how to find courage when you think you have none, and how to choose love instead of anger, fear, or hatred.




Music and Spirituality

Cheevers Toppah | Singing, Prayer and Peyote

CheeversThe power of music to effect our emotions has always fascinated me, especially the music that touches us deep in our soul, so I wanted to ask the composers, singers and musicians of true soul music why singing, melody, harmony and rhythm affects our spiritual life in such a profound way.

Today I’m talking with Cheevers Toppah. Cheevers is a Kiowa/Navajo Native American raised in Weatherford, Oklahoma and comes from a strong family line of singers. He is a prolific Native American musician, garnering multiple Grammy nominations for his albums of Native American Vocal Music

Cheevers was mentored by the greatest singers of the southern Plains and encouraged to carry their song traditions into the future. Drawing upon his training in choral singing, Cheevers renders songs composed in the traditional song style of the Plains with multi-part harmonies and vocal arrangements.

Cheevers’ prodigious talent has earned him induction into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.



Nick Arandes | What Happens When You Let Go (and Let God)

Nick-ArandesIs there something missing in your life? Something you desire? Some change you want in your life?When it comes right down to it what we all really want is to be happy and feel love. Now what if there was a way to be happy and feel an abundance of love without struggling for it, without suffering for it.We may look to the Law of Attraction to help transform our lives, to change our financial situation or our health but is it really just the Law of Scarcity? Maybe Spirit, the Universe or however you describe the God experience, has a magnificent life ready for you but you keep getting in the way with your plans and ideas. Maybe God is giving you the opportunity to transform into something great, but you need to let go.

My guest is Nick Arandes. This is usually the place where I give you somebody’s official biography but I don’t want to do that today. I’ll let Nick tell his story. I just want to introduce Nick by saying I heard him speak a few weeks ago and it was such a wake up call for me personally, it was so refreshing and inspiring that I immediately invited him to the Mastermind Show.

Now I like to keep these interviews on the shorter side, 30 minutes or 40 minutes but Nick kept going…and going…and going…for over an hour he burned with amazing, insightful, life changing information. And it’s time to share it with you.




Alaya | Connecting With Your Spiritual Guide

Alaya-2I am deeply curious about spirituality and constantly looking for ways to deepen my relationship with God, source, the universe, or whatever name you use, and at times I feel a certain urgency around finding the quote unquote right path.

Occasionally someone will say to me that I am being guided on my path, angels are surrounding me, and that I shouldn’t fear the outcome because spiritual guardians are with me. Well, I’ve always wanted to talk with somebody about these guides, these guardians, these spiritual helpers to get a better understanding of how I or anyone can work with them and therefore grow even stronger spiritually.

Well today we are going to do just that.




Music and Spirituality

Peter Bebergal | Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Occult

Peter Bebergal
When author and critic Peter Bebergal first explored his older brother’s record collection at age 11, he discovered what so many of us have found in rock and roll: magic. Riddled with occult and mystical images and ideas—from Aleister Crowley’s portrait on The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to the occult missive “Do what thou wilt” etched into the vinyl of Led Zeppelin III—rock music has always appealed to our unconventional and illicit cultural threads. Why have so many musicians covered their albums with occult symbols, laced lyrics with the stuff of myth and legend, and performed in the personas of gods and demons?

In Season Of The Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll, Peter Bebergal explores the deep and nuanced connection between rock and roll and the mysterious world of the occult. Drawing on key developmental moments in rock history, from its origins in slave song to the rise of electronic instruments in the ‘80s, Bebergal creates a rich narrative analysis of the genre and its mystical ties. In my interview with Peter we discuss the occult influence on numerous musical giants including: Elvis, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Madonna, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.