Dr. Rollin McCraty | Heart vs Brain (One Is More Powerful)

Rollin McCratyIn today’s episode we’re going to focus on the heart, an organ with an amazing influence over our mental lives. We all learned in biology class about how the heart pumps our blood throughout our body. We have been taught that it is only our brain that is in control, while the rest of our body obediently responds to its commands.

However, research over the last few decades has shown that the heart has neural and bioelectromagnetic influence upon our brains. There is a profound communication link between the heart and the brain and incredibly while messages flow in both directions, surprisingly, more information seems to originate from the heart.

Research has revealed the heart even radiates an influence on those around us via electromgnetic fields. Research has also shown the heart to be approximately 60 times greater electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.



Gregg Braden | Life In Crisis: Using Science and Spirituality To Reclaim Our Future

Gregg BradenThere’s a time when every crisis can become transformation, when simply surviving can become joyous thriving.

We can solve our problems based upon the way we thing of ourselves and the world. It’s our willingness to think differently about ourselves and the world that will be the key to the success of our journey.

From the relationships in our own lives, our health and our own finances to peak oil, failing world economies and climate change, it’s clear that our lives and world are changing in ways we’ve never seen, to a degree we’re not prepared for, and at speeds that we’ve never experienced.

It is also clear that the thinking of the past will no longer be enough and we can no longer wait for “normal” and the good old days to return.



Dr. Deirdre Barrett | Using Dreams To Help Unlock Your Potential And Create A Better Life

Deirdre Barrett“It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.” – John Steinbeck

There is a rich collection of examples through out history of how the world’s most creative practitioners in art, music, film, science, literature and other fields have used the revelations of their dream life to inform their work.

But can we all tap into this unconscious source of creativity, ideas and information to make a better life?

Well Scientific research confirms that yes we can.



Howard Martin of HeartMath | Thinking With Your Heart

howard-martin-200In the last few years, more people than ever — from different backgrounds and walks of life — are talking about the heart. More company mission statements make a point to mention the importance of the heart in leadership and customer care.

More speakers, articles and books, both spiritual and non-spiritual, are referring to the heart. Whether people mention speaking from the heart, listening to the heart, connecting with the heart, or following the heart, it is a clear sign that there is increased awareness and movement toward using your heart in all of life’s decisions and actions.

But just what does that mean?

Is it possible to move past a philosophical view of the heart and use the latest science and research on the heart to make a better life? Does the heart do more than actually pump blood through out your body and can we harness the power, dare I say intelligence, of the heart to create a happier, more successful and healthier world for ourselves and those around us?



Lee Holden | Don’t Push The River The Secret Power of Qigong

lee holden qi gongIf our bodies are made of energy might there be a way to manage and even manipulate that energy to heal our bodies and create the health and vitality we so desire?

The ancient Chinese energy practice of qi gong says that you can.

I wanted to dive into the deep end of qi gong and understand how to better use the energy in my body and even increase the energy in my body.

Lee Holden is an internationally celebrated qi gong master and well-known television personality who has appeared regularly on PBS.

Lee Holden first discovered the healing power of Qi Gong and tai chi after experiencing injuries that nearly sidelined his Varsity Soccer career at the University of California, Berkeley. Impressed at how these ancient practices healed his body and allowed him to return to playing, he made their study a priority.

Lee is a doctor of Chinese medicine, a licensed acupuncturist, and an international instructor in qi gong, meditation, t’ai chi, and stress management. Currently, Lee is the co-founder of the Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine and Chi Center.



Barry Goldstein | Frequency, Vibration, Healing and Music

Barry Goldstein 2“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Everything in the universe vibrates, the rate at which it vibrates is it’s frequency, you’ve probably experienced the power of music to effect you emotionally, maybe there is a particular song that makes you happy or one that makes you sad.

I’ve always been curious about the different frequencies in music and is it possible to use those frequencies to heal physically and emotionally?

To find out about the healing possibilities of music I have Barry Goldstein on the show today.


Michelle Manning-Kogler | Quantum Soul Clearing, Healing Your Money Scars

MichelleConnect with your Divine Core Center to harness the power of the Universe to help you manifest everything you desire in life.

In this interview we’ll be talking about and learning how to:

✓ Heal old, painful emotional baggage
✓ Empower yourself to remain centered during these challenging times
✓ Heal your old money beliefs to attract more financial abundance
✓ Create a joy-filled, peaceful life
✓ How your thoughts and feelings might be turning away financial abundance

Michelle Manning-Kogler is the author of Quantum Soul Clearing — Your Ultimate Guide to Personal Transformation. She is the founder and trainer for “The Quantum Soul Clearing Process.” She has been in the alternative health and wellness field for over 25 years. She is an internationally renowned Life Coach, Distance Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, Bio-Energetic Practitioner and Motivational Speaker.


Kyle Davies | The Secrets To Life Transformation

Kyle DaviesReading and hearing about the quantum physics model of reality and creating your own potential future is interesting but how do you actually use it to achieve change in your life?

In this amazing interview with psychologist, therapist and coach Kyle Davies, learn:

✓ How energy flow and physical vibrations enter into life
✓ Why most people make their decisions through fear.
✓ What to do if you’re stuck and frustrated with life.
✓ Why people identify with their illness.
✓ And why it’s not enough to just change your thinking.

We hold the keys to happiness, success, health and well-being within us and have the ability to make remarkable transformations within our own, as well as other people’s lives.

Kyle’s fascination with the energetic interconnectedness of life has driven him to further expand his work to meld the metaphysical with the scientific, and to develop a complete body-mind-spirit model of healing. He has developed cutting edge, transformational modalities that encompass behavioral change, core level belief change, vibrational (energetic) healing with sound and touch, and self-empowerment.


Dr. Deborah Rozman | Get Out Of Your Head & Into Your Heart

Dr. Deborah RozmanHave you ever thought or been told you need to get out of your head and into your heart?

Well there is actually a scientific basis for doing that and today we’re talking with one of the researchers on the fore front of this new science, Dr. Deborah Rozman, president and co-CEO of HeartMath.

Heartmath is engaged in developing tools to enhance overall health that revolves on the crucial link between emotions, brain functions and heart rhythms. Work over two decades has been applied per scientific method, focusing full attention to explain to what extent the heart contributes to our daily lives. The Institute is dedicated to the study of the heart and the physiology of emotions and specifically identifying a critical link between heart and brain with interaction of emotions.