Dennis Cummins

Changing Your Life At The Speed Of Thought

Dennis-S-Media-Head-Shot-254x300Dr. Dennis Cummins, through his incredibly moving and inspiring story, will show you how to cultivate your inner power so you can move through any challenge or problem life throws at you. Dennis will teach you how to remove the obstacles you create in your own life that keep you from reaching your goals and dreams.

Dennis is the author of the book Turning Terrible Into Terrific, he is also an international personal and professional growth expert having traveled and taught extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

I can personally affirm that Dennis teaches with a compassion and empathy that really touches the heart. He knows you have the potential to be so much more, he doesn’t want you to play small and he refuses to engage in anyone’s excuses. Dennis has a quick wit and engaging personality that captivates audiences instantly. Combined with his heartfelt stories of personal and professional struggle and success, Dennis is literally changing lives around the world.

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By Daniel Amen