Anne Deidre

Spiritual Awakening, Intuition and Clearing Blocked Energy

Anne-DeidreAnne Deidre is known as the intuitive life make over coach and is a sought-after and highly respected Intuitive Vibrational Catalyst and Coach, bestselling author, empowering speaker and Intuitive Artist who works with Divine Energy and Frequency.

She is the author of Extreme Intuitive Makeover: 55 Keys to Health, Wealth and Happiness; and Miraculous: How Spiritual Awakening Cured My Depression, Inspired My Purpose, and Ignited the Intuitive Powers Within.

Her online course, Spend More Time Doing What You Love is a popular Daily Om favorite and hit the Top 10 in its first week. Anne has been invited to contribute her Divine wisdom with numerous high-profile sites including Dr. Laura, BeliefNet, eHarmony and Aspire Magazine to name a few.

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By Anne Deidre