Amy Jo Goddard | Sex • Passion • Desire

amy jo goddardRecently I received an invitation to interview Amy Jo Goddard. If you are not familiar with Amy Jo she wrote the classic best seller Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men. Well, it is the 15 anniversary of the publication of that book and she was releasing a revised and expanded edition.

I thought Amy Jo would be a great guest for the show so we booked an interview. Well her publisher not only sent the revised edition of Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men but also her brand new book Woman On Fire – 9 Elements To Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power And Sexual Intelligence.

In her new book Amy Jo shares how to get in touch with desire, explore vulnerability and play, and push the boundaries of what we think is acceptable. As I starting reading both books I thought it would make the interview that much more interesting if a couple were interviewing Amy Jo. So I invited my wife of 22 years Kristina to join the show.




Charlie & Linda Bloom | Relationships: From Conflict to Connection

Charlie and Linda BloomWe are drawn to others not because of our similarities, but because of our differences. They provide the means for growth and development. Differences are inevitable in relationships; conflict is optional.

Differences become conflict when there is a power struggle to convert the other person to our way of seeing or doing things. While it is natural to want to have things go in accordance with our preferences and desires, getting caught in the grip of these impulses can lead to the destruction of a relationship.

The most important factor in the development of healthy and fulfilling relationships is the ability to manage differences skillfully. Because most of us have seen few examples of effective conflict management, it’s likely that we are inexperienced in this arena.



Dr. Sherrie Campbell | It’s Over: How to Effectively Deal with Heartbreak

Sherrie CampbellBreaking up is one of the hardest things in the world. You spent so much time, love and effort on someone and to have them be gone is as bad as withdrawing from a drug. Your world gets turned upside down. It’s hard to deal with the basic needs of life let along get out of bed.

Many of us will do anything to avoid this type of pain and we make fatal mistakes before and after break ups which keeps the hurt alive and festering for months or even years damaging our self-esteem and self-respect.

If you find your relationship breaking up:

• Will you be remain calm and emotionally in control during and after a break up?

• Will you be able to move on?

• Will you be able to be happy without them?

My guest today says you can if you love yourself enough to move on and set your ex free because in doing this you set yourself free.

Dr. Sherrie Campbell is a licensed Psychologist with over nineteen years of clinical training and experience. She earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2003, where she specialized in psychotherapy with adults and teenagers. Dr. Campbell has worked with individuals, couples, groups, and families coping with relationship difficulties, sexual abuse, grief, childhood trauma, sexual issues. She is the author of Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person.



Sarah Nathali | Buddhism For Couples

Sarah NathaliIf you are in a long term relationship or you’re just starting out in one or you’re somewhere in between you might be interested in a new kind of relationship wisdom, well I guess it’s not new, after all Buddhism is 5000 years old.

Surely a happy marriage for a normally adjusted couple is a simple matter of give-and-take—some patience, tolerance, and just trying to be cheerful as often as possible. There is no shortage of books providing relationship advice that can help us with these matters. But Buddhist teachings address more than just surface knowledge, and guide us to delve deeper into our psyches. I came across Sarah Napthali’s book Buddhism For Couples and was intrigued.

With an emphasis on self-compassion, Sarah’s book explains how to apply Buddhist teachings to your relationships to patch things up, hold things together, and, even on good days, scale the heights of relationship happiness. Written for both men and women, this book tackles the loaded subjects of housework, anger, sex, conflict, and infidelity, and introduces Buddhist strategies that can enrich a relationship.

Definitely a fresh approach to living as a couple and certainly an author I wanted on the show.



Tracy Crossley | 3 Reasons Our Relationships Cause Us Grief

tracyRelationships can go through many stages but sometimes they can get stuck in disappointment and frustration, you seem to be doing everything right but they still just still on the couch and disengage or hand you a to-do list a mile long first thing Saturday morning. What happened to the person you fell in love with and started dating? What happened to the person you declared you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Can you get them back, can you resurrect the loving, passionate relationship you desire?Well you’re in luck, today my guest is Tracy Crossley, Affectionately known to her clients as The Pattern Buster and The Relationship Whisperer Tracy is a Coach, relationship expert, and author of “10 Minutes To A Rockin Relationship”

In this interview you will find out:

✓ How to deal with a partner who does not want to engage.
✓ Why changing the other person will never work.
✓ When it is time to say “enough is enough.”
✓ Why it might the problems may not be about you.
✓ Why a lot of relationships are rooted in fear not love.

If you have ever felt stuck with your relationships or in the same cycle she can help you. Tracy will supply tools and guidance to help you create SUPER successful relationships.